Manu school of yoga is a school of Hatha Yoga that focuses on a life affirming method of practicing and teaching Yoga.

This school has a refined teaching methodology, developing teachers who teach clear and accessible classes, enabling students to acquire and retain the teachings of yoga more effectively.

Teachers of the school combine intelligent asana sequencing with precise and efficient language and directions.  Key teachings of all aspects of yoga are taught through thoughtful and strategic class themes, so that every student can take something home with them. 

Our teachers have knowledge of common biomechanical tendencies and health conditions, resulting from modern life.  This enables them to offer adaptations in class to make them accessible to everyone.  The school promotes continual learning and personal development, encouraging teachers to stay up to date with therapeutic yoga research, and to integrate it into their teaching where necessary. 

Rooted in the Tantric philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism, Manu Yoga School applies teachings from a non-dualistic perspective, where nothing is right or wrong. Everything is consciousness.

We are responsible for shaping our own reality.  Through conscious action, Tantra aims to give us the tools to experience divinity in everything, enabling us to live a more fulfilling and joyous life.

On a practical class level, this translates to empowering students within their yoga practice, and also in daily life. 

PRECISION, a key aspect of this school, requires teachers to have a clear and profound understanding of all aspects of yoga.  

FLOW, another essential aspect, manifests as the creative and dynamic expression of each practice and teacher.

PRECISION & FLOW is aimed at creating an authentic community of people with a positive approach to life, who aim to be less judgmental and take more conscious action.  The intent is for this community to uplift one another and to develop a deep and authentic practice.