Ana Perdigão


Born in Lisbon, a born dreamer and curious, she has always sought to understand the mysteries of life and why things are the way they are. An outgoing personality, always present in the lives of those she loves, she has become a carer, attentive to others and how she can help those around her, intending to make a difference in the world through love.

With a degree in psychology, she focused her academic career on social and organizational psychology. She always felt something was missing and later became certified in professional & self coaching, with the aim of helping people reach their potential. In constant search of his path and purpose in life, she tries to find out how to make a difference.

As she began her journey into the yoga’s world, she realized how transformative yoga can be, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, considering that it is a way of connecting with herself. Curious, she felt she needed to know more about yoga philosophy.

Inspired by the P&F method, in 2022 she completed the 200-hour Teaching Training certification at Manu School of Yoga. Where she came to realize that she could be a vehicle for sharing what she was learning with other people. It was at Manu School of Yoga that she found a space and a Kula where the same language is spoken, where she identifies with the method, values and teachings, beyond the philosophy of yoga.

She lives next to the beach and never misses an opportunity to go by the sea. She believes that love is the basis of everything and that nothing happens by chance, everything is a learning experience. She’s passionate about life, loves nature and yoga, which brings her back to herself, and this is how she finds herself, being reborn over and over again.

Currently, she combines her professional activity with her great passion, yoga. Consider that yoga is a way of life, being an eternal learner of this philosophy, seeking deep knowledge, following its teachers and teachings. Ana is constantly searching for her truth and purpose.

Saturday, at 11h30am – Out door

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