Sofia Homem


Sofia is a licensed Exercise and Health technician with a master’s degree from Faculdade Lusófona de Lisboa, specializing in special populations. Over the years, she has graduated in several areas related to health, exercise, physical recovery, dances, mind & body and more recently yoga, which is, at the moment, his main investment focus as well as his great passion.

She started exploring the world of yoga in 2018 and in 2020 she started to practice with Manel and joined his school.

As she travels through the world of health and exercise, Sofia studies and explores the art of movement in yoga positions, relating its anatomy and biomechanics to all the physiological and emotional benefits.

Having 20 years of diversified experience in both areas, she shows the maximum interest in the safety of a class, both in terms of construction and alignment and body adjustment.

She likes to provide safe, dynamic, fluid, fun classes, creating an energetic and genuine connection through the safe transmission of body control and freedom of expression. In this way, students are encouraged to learn safely, avoid injuries and understand the many benefits of yoga practice.


Tuesday/Thursday 9:15 Academia Colinas do Cruzeiro

Wednesday 1:00pm academialifeclub ( estádio da Luz ) 

Friday 9:00 at academialifeclub ( estádio da Luz ) 





Academy :
217 161 774

Instagram @sofyogaflow