Lena Held


Lena was born and raised in the German countryside. After finishing school she decided on doing something solid with her life and graduated in political science – so as to understand the world. The graduation worked out, the understanding of the world not so much. So some years and jobs later she enrolled in her first Yoga Teacher Training, which at least improved the understanding of herself and the human beings around her. 

While in the beginning of her yoga practice Lena was solely interested in the movement capacities of the human body, by the time she began noticing a more subtle shift inside of her: no acrobatics, no sweat, just an inner calmness. This was the moment when yoga truly entered her life. 

For her, yoga is a tool of moving and connecting with her body. It is a method to clear and free her mind. And it is a practice of feeling

her heart. It is her support in challenging times and is the cherry on top when life is sweet. 

She was first educated in the tradition of Anusara School of Hatha Yoga in 2017 and started to study and grow with Manu School of Yoga in 2020. Not only did she fall in love with the teachings but also with the community she found. A kula of loving individuals that uplift and support each other as one. 

Lena is a certified systemic coach and Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. She teaches regular classes, events and privates. 

Current schedule: 
Functional Yoga, Wed 6 pm muktimind, Karlsruhe