The Precision and Flow Certification process

The Precision and Flow certification process is a mentorship program with the vision to create teachers with refined knowledge and skills, renowned for excellence. 

After completing the 200h Yoga Teacher Training with the Manu School of Yoga, graduates have the unique opportunity to keep growing both as students and teachers of yoga.

A mentor, either the founder of the school or a certified teacher, will guide and support the trainee through a 9-step process of learning and evaluation, to become a certified Precision and Flow teacher. 

Certified teachers have the opportunity for further development within the school, by taking steps 10 and 11 to become senior or master certified teachers. 

This process will evoke the ancient tradition of the teacher – disciple relationship.  Having a mentor is a true blessing, not only because one can be guided and challenged in ways we cannot alone, but it also builds a cohesive community of people with the aim of supporting and empowering each other.

The 11 steps and format of evaluation are: 

Upon completing the 3rd step, the trainee becomes a Precision and Flow inspired teacher. This authorizes trainees to teach Precision and Flow inspired yoga classes and masterclasses.

Upon completing the 9th step, the trainee becomes a Precision and Flow certified teacher. Certified teachers are authorized to teach Precision and Flow classes, masterclasses, workshops, intensives, and retreats. 

After being certified for a minimum period of time decided by the founder of the school, certified teachers can apply to become a senior certified teacher by completing step 10.  Here, the certified teacher becomes a mentor to a new trainee in the program, guiding and supporting the trainee through each of the 9 steps, evaluating their work before it’s submitted to the founder of the school for final evaluation. The mentor is simultaneously evaluated throughout the process by the founder himself. 

Senior certified teachers are authorized to teach Precision and Flow classes, masterclasses, workshops, intensives, retreats and teacher trainings.

The 11th step provides the opportunity for a senior certified teacher to become a master certified teacher, by specializing in an area of yoga, such as: Anatomy, Ayurveda, Philosophy, Mantra, Meditation, Yoga Nidra etc. 

A master certified teacher is able to teach their specialist subject in Manu School of Yoga teacher trainings, and to contribute to the growth of their area of specialization within the school.