Filipa Abreu


Filipa has a background in architecture but in yoga she found her way, deeply passionate about
this constante path which connects her to what she is, here and now.
Filipa has been founding presence and peace in the most simple things: in silence, in the breath,
sunrises, heartbeats, in the rain on her skin, in getting lost in nature.
After the 200h Teacher Training with Manel, she keeps deepening her studies in Precision and
Flow Yoga. Her classes, Precision and Flow Inspired, are focused on breath and movement, where
alignment and fluidity meet. She aims to offer a safe moment for practitioners have the space to
deepen, feel and discover themselves.
She believes that Yoga is one of the most powerful practices of connection with outside and inside
world. Her passion asked her quietly to spread it with others. She feels like an enormous privilege
all the time she is able to share a little bit of this practice which inspires her every single day.
Yoga Teacher but also an eternal student, she keeps studying in Manu School of Yoga, on the mat,
in life: forever an endless process.

Current Schedule (group classes):
19h00 . ambc – associação de moradores do bairro das caixas (parede)
13h00 . cooperativa nova morada (oeiras)
9h00 . zoom (online)

i: @filipamabreu