Mané Carvalho


Mané (Manuela) is an Inspired Precision and Flow Teacher, and also a Surf Instructor.

From an young age and as an Artistic Swimmer Competition Athlete, she founds on water her key element in life, as a way to flow and express herself through movement. 

Passionate about the ocean, she owes to Surf the discovery Yoga at the age of 22. And since there, she never stops practicing both, Surf and Yoga. Wish she believe that complement each other so well, as both allows us to be more conscious of our bodies and movements, our breath, to be mindful and present in each moment, and in connection with mother nature.

Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga are the styles and pillars of her daily practice but she founds in the Precision and Flow approach/philosophy the pillar of her teachings. However she loves to explore movement and others styles where she find space to her body, mind, creativity and intuition to flow freely.

Graduate in Marketing and Advertising, 6 years ago she decides to change her life path to be close to the sea and do what she loves most, teaching. 

In 2021 she completed Authentic Flow (200hr) Teacher Training with Satu Tomelo and the Teacher Training (200hr RYT) at Manu Yoga School, founded by the international Yoga Teacher Manel Rodrigues, starting in the same year the Certification as Precision & Flow Yoga Teacher.

A dedicated Yoga student in a constant search for deep her knowledge and her practice. For her, teaching is the most authentic and grateful way to connect with people, share this passion, and allow the practice to be more meaningful and accessible for each student/person.

Classes led in Portuguese or English.

Centro Cultural da Pedreira Italiana
Monday at Thursday 9,15 am

Carcavelos Beach
Carcavelos Surf School
Tuesday at 8,45 am

Flow to Fitness
Tuesday 12,30 am and Thursdays at 1,15pm

Ajuda a Belém
Estúdio do Bairro
Monday at 12,30 am and Wednesday at 12,45 am 

Yoga for Kids (Lessons or Schools)

Contact for more informations

+351 919 889 358