Lucas Pinto


In 2019 was the first time I went to the mat to practice yoga. The invitation to turn my attention back to my breath and the way it moved throughout my body was strange since I had conciously never done it before. As the practice went on, the feeling was that there was no one else in the room. It was just me, my breathing, my movements, and the teacher’s voice. I fell in love with the practice. 

Months later my teacher and friend challenged me to fully immerse myself in this never ending journey that is yoga by inviting me to do the immersion and teachers training in precision & flow.

I completed the 200h training with the class of 2020 and have been teaching yoga fulltime ever since. 

I remain in the process of training to become a certified Precision & Flow yoga teacher at Manu School of Yoga. 

With a degree in Sports Science I have always been fascinated by the capacity, strength and endurance of the human body and have found in yoga the balance between body and mind. By turning our attention inward we are able to understand the entire universe and by bringing awareness to our practice we connect more and more to our divine particle, the source of creation.