Inês Carmo Costa


Inês’s middle name is “why?”. 

Understanding the meaning of life and what is her truth and purpose is her quest.

She grew up with a big connection with nature and studied Biology.

Her quest took her through many travels around the world, different projects and adventures. 

And since she started practicing Yoga, back in 2010, she fell in love with this philosophy and the way it took her on a big transformation journey. 

She completed a 900h Teacher Training, in The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India, in 2017. 

When she came back to Portugal met Manu and really connected with the Precision and Flow method, completing the 200h TT in 2021.

She also explores Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Ecology, Herbalism and other practices that complement each other, weaving the self-knowledge path with Nature. 

In the end Inês loves to guide others into their own transformation journeys, opening up, widening awareness. 

Her passion for Mythology brings lots of stories and themes into her classes taking the practice into a deeper level. She also loves to share about the History and Philosophy of Yoga, Pranayamas, Dharana and other practices outside the mat. 

Inês currently lives in Colares, a magical place between the mountains of Sintra and the ocean. 

Monday – 7pm – Sociedade, Montelavar, Sintra (Soft class)
Tuesday – 9:30am – Quinta dos 7 Nomes, Colares, Sintra
Wednesday – 8am – Corrente, Arroios, Lisboa
                        7:15pm – Gayatri, Chiado, Lisboa
Thursday – 9:30am – Quinta dos 7 Nomes, Colares (Soft class)
                    7pm – Quinta dos 7 Nomes, Colares, Sintra