Claúdia Sousa Santos


With a background of over 15 years as a physiotherapist, a former gymnast and dancer, Claudia fell in love with the yoga philosophy along the way and has been deepening her practice throughout the years.

Her passion and vision led her to open Shambhala at this point in life, trying to build an authentic community and create a space where everyone can be real and express their unique practices.

At the meantime she concluded the certification process at Manu School of Yoga, where she found her Teacher and a Kula that speaks the same language expressed in so many different ways. This was a game changer, she has found a community and a mentor and all together enabled her to find her voice.

More than teaching a class, she believes that at a certain place and time she has the opportunity to share what she has been studying and experiencing with other people who will add on top of that, creating together a full circle.

You can count on some structured and yet gracious Precision & Flow inspired classes, also inspired by the surrounding Nature where she feels at home and spends most of her time.

Tuesday & Thursday
19h00 Namho (Estoril)

Wednesday & Friday
9h30 Inward (Restelo)