Lívia grew up between ballet and theater classes, using the body to express inner worlds. The seed was planted. Her fascination with the human condition took her to work as a clinical psychologist in the drug addictions area, and years after as a creative copywriter for advertising. After 10 years of yoga practice alongside an advertising career, something had to go. She quit her job to become a yoga teacher the year she was copywriter of the year, no regrets. The hobby had become the life path. 

She was lucky enough to start her practice with the teachers of Centro Português de Yoga, Joana Menano and Rodrigo Pereira who taught her the tradition and rigor of Hatha Yoga. 

Later, in Manu  School of Yoga and Precision and Flow method, she found in Manu her teacher for life, and a teaching method that worked for both self practice and teaching all level students.

Manu school also provided a context of Tantric philosophy teachings, where Lívia finaly found a belief system that resonated and could be experienced in non-renunciate common life. She also found a kula of teachers that help each other grow and support each other on and off the yoga mat. 

Lívia studied Anatomy with  Arno L’Hermitte from and Rachel Ellery from Anatomy Yoga School. As an Acro Yoga enthusiast, she learned from teachers passing by town like Tudor Sirbu, Vanille Simeon, and Guillaume Ohm. 

Her curiosity is always placing her in the beginner’s seat. Lívia at the moment is part of a Mythology online group study lead by Josh Michael Schrei and is taking the 3-year course of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. 

Her full-time job is exploring and studying to teach better. Lívia is a Precision and Flow inspired teacher and is going through the School certification process. She teaches with inspiration, to connect students to the purpose of each practice, and who knows to their own purpose. Sometimes a yoga class can be a portal.

Gota D’água Surf School Costa da Caparica

Monday to Friday 8:00am ENG

Studio 3 – Costa da Caparica

Tuesday and Thursday 7:15pm

Thurday 10:00am